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Why choose MAX Full Complement Frame Bearings?

Full complement MAX bearings offer several advantages over standard caged bearings in mountain bike frames, making them a superior choice for riders seeking optimal performance and durability. The key distinction lies in the design and functionality of these bearings.

Spark Sports only use MAX Full Complement Bearings in frame kits as they offer the best performance for even the most aggressive riders at the bike park.

Unlike standard caged bearings that employ a cage retainer to maintain spacing between rolling elements, full complement MAX bearings maximize the number of balls within the bearing assembly and don't use such cage. This design results in increased load-carrying capacity and enhanced durability, crucial factors for mountain biking where frames are subjected to varying and often challenging terrains. Essentially, there are more ball bearings in MAX bearings which is beneficial for the distribution of forces experienced when using your bike.

The absence of a cage in full complement MAX bearings allows for more efficient distribution of forces, reducing the risk of uneven loading on individual balls. This translates to improved load distribution and enhanced resistance to impact and shock forces, commonly encountered in off-road biking scenarios.

Furthermore, the full complement design enables these bearings to better resist lateral forces and torsional loads, contributing to increased stability and longevity of the frame. The robust construction of full complement MAX bearings makes them well-suited for the demanding conditions of mountain biking, where frames are exposed to mud, water, and other contaminants.

The use of full complement MAX bearings in mountain bike frames offers superior load-carrying capacity, enhanced durability, and improved resistance to lateral and torsional forces, making them a compelling choice for riders seeking top-tier performance and longevity from their equipment.

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